Can Prenatal Vitamins Cause Weight Gain

Can Prenatal Vitamins Cause Weight Gain?

Can prenatal vitamins cause weight gain? This is one of the common questions which every pregnant woman asks immediately they start taking prenatal vitamins. As you all know, all women prefer maintaining an ideal shape and body weight to stay confident and appear more appealing in the eyes of their spouses.

Before we begin, let’s first understand the meaning of prenatal vitamins and their role during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are special multivitamins that are prescribed to a pregnant mother by a doctor to strengthen the womb as it prepares to carry the fetus to term, as well as support fetal growth throughout the stages of pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins contain powerful ingredients that offer various nutritional benefits to you and the baby as you progress through the different stages.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is very common. As your pregnancy grows, you’ll obviously expect to add some weight. This may indicate that the baby’s health is following the normal pattern. Infact, most doctors use a weight gain chart to indicate whether your baby is strong and growing normally.

Back to our question as to whether prenatal vitamins cause weight gain, let me mention that these multivitamins do influence weight gain but they do it indirectly.

What really happens is that prenatal vitamins contain high amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are absorbed by the body to boost baby’s growth. As your baby consumes more multivitamins, its chances of growing and getting healthier are increased.

During this process, a woman’s body also consumes a part of these multivitamins which lead to slight weight gain. Although some women may get freaked out, such signs (of weight gain) are direct indications that you and your baby’s health is doing well as you go through the different pregnancy stages.

Can Prenatal Vitamins Cause Weight Gain?

There has been notable confusion when discussing whether prenatal vitamins cause weight gain or not. While some doctors state that they do cause weight gain, others state that these multivitamins influence weight gain indirectly. To clarify this contracting statement, let me highlight some factors that cause weight gain when consuming prenatal vitamins.

Effects on metabolism

One influence of prenatal vitamins in relation to weight gain is the effects of iron on your kidneys. The high amounts of iron in prenatal vitamins affect the functioning of the liver which affects your metabolism. When the liver is affected, it means that it will be unable to breakdown or burn fats thus causing a low metabolic rate. Since metabolism is important in weight control, a slow metabolic rate will mean that your body will increase weight throughout the pregnancy.

Increase in appetite

Another possible explanation of weight gain when taking prenatal vitamins is an increase in your appetite caused by the intake of high nutrients. What really happens is that by taking low levels of Vitamin B6, there is a decrease in brain serotonin levels which results to an increased appetite.

Overall lifestyle

Another cause of weight gain in relation to prenatal vitamins is the overall lifestyle. You see, pregnant women may miss some daily exercise which maintains their overall health as well as maintaining their shape. The issue of engaging in daily exercises plays a key role in controlling weight gain, and if missed, a woman ends up increasing weight rapidly.

What are the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins?

Having highlighted those important factors let me say that prenatal vitamins boosts your immune system and ensures that the overall health of mother and baby is well monitored and maintained. In this section, we will highlight some key benefits of taking prenatal vitamins.


This is one of the most important ingredients found in prenatal vitamins that boost the health of a pregnant woman. Iron boosts the amount of blood in the body and helps oxygen to pass through the body when the baby is growing.


This ingredient is very important to the growth of the fetus. It promotes growth, boosts the immune system and lowers the chance of bearing underweight babies during delivery.


Another important ingredient found in prenatal vitamins is calcium. High amounts of calcium in your system promote healthy bone development and aids in good heart, nerves, muscles, and tissue growth during pregnancy.


Iodine boosts the baby’s brain development and regulates metabolism when the baby is growing. Mothers are advised to take high amounts of iodine to prevent cases of stillbirth and miscarriage.


As we conclude, let me say that a sudden change in weight when a woman is pregnant can cause severe health issues if not solved immediately.

For instance, weight gain can cause heartburn or high blood pressure which may lead to miscarriages, underweight births or congenital defects to your baby.

Therefore, pregnant women should learn how to eat healthy foods, observe proper diets and engage in daily exercises to maintain their health as well as the health of their unborn babies.

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