thorne prenatal vitamins review

Thorne Prenatal Vitamins Review

Pregnant women know that they have to do everything possible to support their baby’s development while in the womb. Often, this means supplementing with vitamins to help them get the right nutrients and minerals their body isn’t getting from food sources. With so many options on the market, it’s a challenge to find the right one.

We felt that it was time to take on that challenge. Therefore, we looked at the Thorne Prenatal Multivitamin. Here, we will find out more about its features, what it does, and who should use it, giving you a better idea if it is right for you.

Thorne Prenatal

This product is a prenatal vitamin, so it should be taken by pregnant women and women who plan to get pregnant. Often, these products are geared toward people who have already conceived. However, many doctors believe that women who are trying to get pregnant can also benefit from them.

Primarily, these supplements are designed to have minerals and vitamins that are crucial for an unborn baby. Things like folic acid and DHA are both important for your baby’s development. Typically, they aren’t found in traditional women’s multivitamins.

Who Is This Product For?

Women who plan to conceive and want to get pregnant soon should take this multivitamin. The goal here is to have these nutrients and vitamins already in your system so that when you conceive, they immediately start to work for the fetus.

Along with that, this prenatal vitamin is also designed for women who are already pregnant. You should start taking them as soon as you realize you are pregnant for them to be most beneficial. That is, of course, if you haven’t already been using them before conception.

Though some of the same ingredients can be used to make your hair, nails, and skin look better, that is not how this product is recommended. You can find multivitamins on the market geared toward healthier hair and nails, so it is best to go with one of them if you are not pregnant and don’t plan to become pregnant.

What’s Included?

When you purchase these prenatal vitamins, you will receive a shipping box. Once you open it, you will see a white container with a screw-on lid. This is the protective barrier; inside are the capsules.

Overview of the Features

Those who are pregnant, lactating, or want to become pregnant can use this prenatal vitamin. It is designed to be a comprehensive supplement that is specially designed for pregnancy.

The nutrients all come in the best and most well-absorbed forms, but there are no additives included. Therefore, this product is ideal for people with certain sensitivities.

It is easier on your stomach because it features iron bis-glycinate, which is better absorbed. Typically, traditional iron supplements can cause gas, diarrhea, and bloating. Thankfully, this one does not.

High-Quality Ingredients

The best way to choose a healthy prenatal vitamin is to ensure that the ingredients used to make it are of the highest quality possible. Thorne, the manufacturer, cares about the source of its components. Therefore, it only partners with suppliers that have responsible, quality, science-based practices.

With better ingredients, you get better absorption, potency, and digestibility. That means you won’t feel uncomfortable, and you’ll get more of the nutrients.

Clean Manufacturing Processes

While some companies allow third-parties to manufacture their products, this one does not. It chooses to make its own products to ensure transparency throughout the supply chain.

The company also focuses on clean manufacturing processes. Therefore, it will not use ingredients that might inhibit absorption. Final productions are always handled in the United States.

Several Rounds of Testing

Thorne chooses to run four different rounds of testing on its products. It has two in-house laboratories, which allow it to conduct the tests. These include raw materials, finished products, in-process batching, and product stability.


Another factor to consider is the sustainability of the company and the product. You want to focus on the environment, and you want the company to do so, too.

Thorne believes that the planet shouldn’t be compromised just for capital gains and revenue. Therefore, it tries to use less energy in production. It also focuses on not overusing valuable resources while still maintaining quality standards.

How to Use the Product

When it is time to take your multivitamins, you will need three pills. They are each about the size of a penny, but a little taller. It’s recommended to take the vitamin with food, but you may choose to take it on an empty stomach.

Some people have trouble swallowing a lot of capsules at once. Therefore, it might be easier to take them one at a time. Also, if you can’t easily swallow pills, you can choose to break apart the capsule and empty the contents into the mouth or a glass.

Some people also consider putting the powder into a smooth food, such as pudding or applesauce. However, be aware that this can cause an upset stomach because the ingredients will go straight into the bloodstream using this method.


While we think Thorne is an excellent choice for expecting mothers, we wanted to include one more product so that you had something to compare it to.

The Mama Bird Prenatal Multivitamin is organic, vegan, and only requires you to take one tablet per day. Since natural folic acid (methyl folate) is the best option, you’ll find it here. It also has natural B6 and B12 vitamins.

If that weren’t enough, you would also get digestive enzymes and probiotics, which might help to ease morning sickness. Of course, it also contains a variety of other minerals and vitamins, such as biotin, niacin, and calcium.

The product is free of yeast, soy, sugar, and GMOs. You’ll also find that it does strict third-party testing to ensure that its products are safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies.


Most pregnant women want what is best for themselves and their babies. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a prenatal multivitamin. If you’re now searching for the right product, Thorne Prenatal Multivitamin might be right for you.

We’ve talked about its features and benefits, and we also gave you an alternative for comparison purposes. Now, you should be able to make an informed decision based on the information we have provided to you.

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